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What’s in a name? Plenty.

The word “verve” (pronounced vurv) means enthusiasm, vigor or spirit. It reflects the vivaciousness, liveliness and animation of a person or an artistic piece of work ….as in “Her latest art piece is full of verve”.

the verve hotel is just that….. a vivacious articulation of beauty and an energetic style…eclectic chic if you like.



The original idea for Project X was conceived as a backpacker's lodge in 2001. Forward a decade later, the idea has since evolved into a business boutique hotel. the verve hotel embraces the informality and cool factor of backpacker hostels but with the little luxuries and tech-ness of a modern business hotel.....and then some.

the verve hotel is managed by a couple, along with a dedicated team of staff. Ian's the engineer and the dreamer; Pei Yee's the accountant and the multi-tasker. Ebony and Ivory.

the verve hotel is a labour of love. We hope you'll love the hotel as much as we love having you as our guest and our friend.

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